Big Spring

It’s a quiet pool at the bottom of a steep wooded hill. In August when there’s not much rain, you can see deep into the clear water. About 10 feet below the surface is the cracked stone where the water burbles up. I’m not religious but somehow it’s fitting that a small, white clapboard church sits at the top of the hill leading to the spring.

Hey! – Wouldn’t it be great if cities had forests on the top of their skyscapers?

Last time I visited Big Spring butterflies where fluttering around the flowering bushes that ringed the shore. I counted a dozen different kinds in the hour I was there.

Hey! – Wouldn’t it be great if Lake Michigan had the same volume and diversity of fishes that it did in the 19th century?

I stopped by Big Spring once after a heavy rain. A rich, brown water shot up about two feet above the surface of the pool. It looked like the Chocolate River in Willy Wonka.

Hey! – Wouldn’t it be great if Illinois had 10% of its prairie rather than 1%?

There’s a small hole in the hill behind Big Spring. After a rain, if you put your ear close to it, you can hear the distant roar of water through a cave.

Hey! – Why not?

Water rolls out of Big Spring whether I’m there or not. I hope it keeps rolling long after I’m gone.


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