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White Nose Syndrome Web Documentary

June 12, 2009

The Forest Service recently hired us to produce a short program about White Nose Syndrome. It’s a fungus that has been killing bats by the hundreds of thousands in the Northeast and Appalachia. It’s important to let people know that the fungus is spreading fast and that people may be one of the vectors for its spread. It can be viewed at

It’s scary to think we may see the end of several species of bats in just a couple of years. The Indiana bat, Myotis sodalis, has been on the endangered list since the 60’s.  The US Fish & Wildlife Service has worked hard to keep their numbers from declining and actually saw some modest increases in the last decade. However, if the fungus reaches the Midwest (and it’s nearly a certainty that it will) it could mean extinction for the Indiana bat.

Bats have the novel ability to be both cute and repugnant at the same time. People often overlook their contribution to the environment because they’re difficult to observe.  While making “Caves: Life Beneath the Forest” we were able to access a bat cave just as the bats were waking up from hibernation.  They covered the ceiling and squeaked at us as we arranged the camera and light. We were able to get within inches of the animals and could hear the little lip smacks when they yawned. Each bat would go through a convulsive shake to get their body temperature up before flying away. I used a +1 diopter to get close to the bat while it hung on the ceiling and Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mic for the squeaks and wing flutters.

We posted short videos of the bats at our site: